The patient portal enables patients to contact their doctors, see their medical information, and manage their healthcare requirements online, which is a crucial tool for Brighton Family Physicians. The patient portal is a safe platform that protects the confidentiality and privacy of patient's medical information.

Patients can examine lab results, obtain prescription refills, and request appointments using the patient portal. Secure messaging is another simple way for patients to get in touch with their doctors and ask questions or get advice without physically visiting the office.

It is simple for patients to stay on top of their health because they may access the patient portal from any location using a computer or mobile device. Family members or carers who have permission from the patient to visit the portal can also receive access to their medical information.

Thanks to the patient portal, Brighton Family Physicians can also manage appointments, send reminders, and handle paperwork more efficiently. This enables medical professionals to concentrate on giving patients high-quality care.

Ultimately, the patient portal is a crucial tool for Brighton Family Physicians since it enables them to give their patients better, more timely treatment and strengthens the bond between patient and doctor.

Portal Disclaimers:

If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency please call 911.
The Portal should not be used for urgent medical needs(e.g. difficulty breathing, chest pain, thoughts of harm to yourself) please call the office for assistance.

When submitting a portal message please expect up to 3 business days for a response. Someone other than your provider(e.g. nurse, support staff) may be designated to respond to your message. If you can not wait for a portal response please reach out to the office in lieu of sending a secondary portal message.